Monday, October 5, 2015

This is so depressing....

I had my follow up appointment with my Gastro Doc. He said he feels that the pancreatitis may have called the gastroparesis, and he has seen this happen before in a few patients. My endoscopy came back normal as well as the biopsies. I do have GERD and Esophatitis. He wants me to take Prilosec for that.

For the gastroparesis, he is prescribing Nortriptyline and diet modification. I had tried Elavil before for my migraines, which gave me bad side effects, so he is starting me out on 10 mg for a couple weeks to see how I do. If this doesn't help, he is going to try Domperidone. That is the one that you have to order from another country.

The diet modification is basically a low fat/low residue type diet, which is going to be tricky cause I'm a vegetarian and I can't tolerate dairy right now. Plus, I'm still losing weight cause I can only take a few bites of food, and then I feel full.

My other problem is the exhaustion. I still haven't been able to use my CPAP cause of the abdominal pain. It's really hard to wear the mask when your stomach is hurting so bad and you're trying get to sleep. I can feel the years being ticked off my life with the double whammy of sleep apnea and gastroparesis.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scoping Things Out

I had my endoscopy last Tuesday. The procedure was three hours late, which didn't help my nerves at all, but the actual procedure went fine. The doctor didn't find any obstructions, and he took four biopsies. I should know the results on those in two to four weeks.

He mentioned some possible drugs for the gastroparesis. One is called Reglan, which has horrible side effects, and the other one has to be ordered from out of the country. He said he could write a script for that one. I have a follow up appointment with him in two weeks where we will discuss all this. He said he is still trying to determine where the delayed gastric emptying in coming from. He's not sure if the pancreas is still involved.

I told him that my symptoms are getting far worse. The pain and cramping is so painful and I can only take a few bits of food before I feel completely stuffed. I have never experience this level of exhaustion in my life, and I already have exhaustion from the sleep apnea. My team leader at work said I'm still on a critical level of warning, so my job could be gone any day now.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The End of August

This has been such a long month and so stressful. The results came back from the radioactive scrambled egg test and the solid food portion was abnormal. My doctor says he thinks I have gastroparesis, which means the stomach doesn't function normally. Basically it's paralysis of the muscles of the stomach. I heard this from his nurse over the phone with the results so there wasn't much information. I'm still waiting for the test in September to see if there is an obstruction causing this.

Meanwhile, my symptoms with the pain, cramping and not eating much are getting worse, but I can't take time off work to go see him again or I will lose my job. I really thought I was going to be terminated last week, but I got another stern warning. I don't think it's a question of "IF" I'm going to be a fired, but more of a question of "WHEN."

I'm starting to miss the days when I was just worried about my migraines. They are still going strong, especially now with my allergies. I haven't used my cpap machine in weeks cause of all the congestion. And my ADA claim was denied, but there wasn't enough evidence for an accommodation.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Update

I'm still trying to hang in there, but I've been so depressed that I didn't want to post another "poor me" whine fest. I had the gastric emptying study where I had to eat radioactive eggs to see how the food progressed through my system. I'm still waiting for the results. And my next endoscopy isn't until the middle of September. All my symptoms are still the same with the pain and cramping in my abdomen and I'm continuing to lose weight.

Meanwhile, I'm on a final 30 day written warning at work and I'm pretty sure I will be terminated next week. I did exhaust my fmla time, so now I have to work even when I have a major migraine pain flair up. I've been trying to improve my performance at work, but I can't make enough of a difference because of all my health issues. Yesterday, I had an awful migraine, so I was making all sorts of mistakes. Talk about crash and burning!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Will it get any better?

I finally heard back from my new gastro doc. He said my blood work all came back negative, and he wants a few more tests done. I have a gastric emptying study scheduled for August, and he wants to do another endoscopy. The problem is that the first available appointment isn't until Sept 15th. So I have to wait two more months to try to get this resolved.

Because of this additional chronic illness, I've missed too much time at work and my employer has cancelled my FMLA, which means I can't take anymore time off work because of illness. They had to use my existing sick time to try to cover the extra days off, which wasn't enough, so I'm being written up for unexcused time. Also, I had been written up due to a performance issue (because of my health as well). I'm very close to losing my job.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Waiting for news...

I saw the new gastro doc at the great big university hospital. He said he had to get all my records first and he wanted a bunch more blood work before he would let me know what they are going to do next. So I had everything faxed over there and more blood drawn. I'm still waiting for their phone call. I'm trying not to imagine what they are going to say. It's been officially three months since this whole thing started!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nothing is Getting Better

I don't think I've ever had such a blue period in my life with my health. My upper abdomen pain continues with all the symptoms of before with the loss of appetite, food tasting horrible, losing weight, stabbing and cramping pain, malaise, etc... I went to see my primary care doctor to catch her up with what's been going on and she wants me to go to The University of Michigan Hospital, so she did a referral for me. I'm seeing a gastro doctor next week as an urgent patient.

Meanwhile at work, things are going from bad to worse. I'm trying so hard to fix things but everything seems to be working against me. I've never gotten in trouble before because of my performance so I'm taking it really hard. It seems like I'm never going to be able to get my next sleep study done because of all these obstacles. And on top of this, my migraines are acting up big time cause of all the stress.